Ingredient Info

Hair Growth & Scalp Stimulating Oil
100% Organic and Unrefined oils and powders
Brahmi Powder: Ayurvedic powder that strengthens hair, repairs damaged hair follicles, and nourishes hair preventing hair fall.
Fenugreek Powder: Ayurvedic powder that reduces hair loss by reducing inflammation of the scalp, strengthens hair, and adds shine. 
Neem Leaf Powder: Ayurvedic powder that treats dandruff, good hair conditioner, and is a potent anti-fungal powder.
Jojoba Oil: Great for scalp health, calms frizz, and adds shine. A natural hair favorite.
Grapeseed Oil: Controls water loss, in turn helping keep moisture in hair. Rich in vitamins that help build and repair hair.
Black Castor Oil (Coconut): Great oil for hair growth and protein, also stimulates blood circulation on the scalp. 
Olive Oil: Softens for manageability (easier detangle process) and strengthens hair by penetrating the hair shaft and preserving the moisture from water. 
Sweet Almond Oil: Increases blood flow to scalp, adds shine and strength to hair, makes hair less prone to split ends, and provides a good dose of protein, vitamin E and omega 9 (essentials for hair health).
Black (Seed) Cumin Oil: Makes hair healthy, soft, and hydrated, good for thinning hair. 
Argan Oil: Softens and moisturizes hair with its vitamin E and fatty acids. 
Safflower Oil: Stimulates blood circulation, promotes hair growth, and helps retain moisture.
Sunflower Oil: Contains high fatty acids and vitamin E, making it deeply nourishing and soothing to dry hair and scalp.
Tea Tree Oil: Facilitates hair growth by helping unclog hair follicles and nourishing the roots.
Peppermint Oil: Increases circulation to the scalp and helps promote hair growth. 
Lemon Oil: Antibacterial and helps control oil buildup all while also helping maintain scalp health.

Honey Butter Curl Cream
100% Organic and Unrefined oils and plant based ingredients
Cupuacu Butter: Protects hair from the sun's harmful UV rays, moisturizes and enhances moisturizing effects of paired ingredients.
Kokum Butter: Great for damaged and dropping curls, regenerates elasticity in hair, limits breakage, and provides nutrients to the scalp for hair growth.
Mango Butter: Great for UV protection, extremely moisturizing for dry curls, and contains vitamins A, C, E.
Black Castor Oil: Great aid for hair growth and scalp stimulation.
Flaxseed Oil: Reduces scalp inflammation and great for shine and hair growth.
Avocado Oil: High in fats, nutrient packed, great for strengthening hair to prevent breakage and encourage healthy hair.
Aloe Vera: Nutrient filled , antibacterial, great at moisturizing, and great for enhancing curl health giving the hair a natural bounce and shine.
Honey: Hydrates, helps restore natural luster to hair, increases moisture retention, and prevents damage.
Vegetable Glycerin: Good for hair that's curly, thick, or frizzy. Helps retain moisture in hair, hydrates the hair and good for preventing breakage.
Marshmellow Root: Great for helping detangle, creates slip, and increases softness in hair as well as strengthens, moisturizes, and conditions.
1% Fragrance: Does NOT contain phthlates, which can cause hair loss and disrupt hormones.